Your PR Storytellers

Garrick Communications is a boutique PR firm based in Kingston, Jamaica specializing in lifestyle brands, both established and emerging. We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic individuals who work to creatively craft and tell your story through our various services by utilizing traditional PR and Media Outreach, Digital Media Marketing Strategies and Experiential PR Executions.

Our targeted and tailored strategies enable us to communicate and develop a close relationship with our clients to ensure that all involved parties (directly or indirectly) are impacted positively and that the story is successfully communicated.


A Boutique Experience With BIG Results

Our philosophy is grounded in our attention to detail and a personal, tailored approach. We aim to cultivate relationships that will positively impact our clients, and their clients. As a result, we provide a boutique experience that will deliver quality service customized to your company/project/campaign’s needs while elevating your brand in the eyes of your consumers.

We see the value in this individual approach as we know what works for one client will not work for all; so we choose to build from the ground up by targeting the right people with the right message – crafting, building, growing and guiding as we collaborate with you, the client, to develop the vision.


Reputation Matters

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” – Richard Branson.

CEOs and companies don’t usually become interested in doing something about reputation risk until the wake of a major crisis.  A major crisis without the right communication channels and procedures can have a downward spiraling effect, that some companies may never be able to recover from. At Garrick Communications, we will take you and your company through the necessary steps to mitigate and even prevent some of those big risks before they hit.